Mermaid Adventures: Swim With a Mermaid at Your Child’s Next Party

by | Mar 27, 2016

If you’re looking for something different for your little one’s birthday or summer party, it’s time to think aquatic! We have mermaids, and even mermen, who visit your pool (house, hotels, etc.) and bring mer-magic to the gathering!
If your little girl is head over tail in love with mermaids, Mermaid Adventures is a perfect gift.
Unifier Entertainment traveled a great distance to find the perfect mermaid so we could ask her about Mermaid Adventures and what to expect from a mer-party!

Q: What is “Mermaid Adventures?”
Mermaid Adventures creates a story that includes the children and leaves them with a feeling that magic IS real, and furthermore, they are a part of it! I bring my secret treasures and charming presents that make any event unforgettable. My pirate friend and I offer a playful dynamic that engages children of all types. Swim and play with me, a mermaid, and be a part of my grand adventure as I travel across the seas to be with children all over the world!

Q: How long would a mermaid visit the children?
Anywhere from 1-3 hours.

Q: What activities are included in “Mermaid Adventures?”
I can swim, give merm-back rides (some restrictions apply), pose for photos, blow bubbles with kids, tell stories, sing songs, and give gifts. These activities can be customized to the child.

Q: How can a child/parent prepare for a mermaid visit?
Mermaids need a place to change that is private.
Please make sure pool is at a comfortable temperature.
Know that a secondary character (perhaps a pirate) character will accompany me. After all, a mermaid can’t walk out of water. I’ll need him to carry me to and from my changing area.
Please have drinking water available near pool or photo area.

Q: What are the best venues for “Mermaid Adventures?”
Any venue can be an adventure. If there is a pool, that is very fitting as I can swim and play with kids in the water. However, there are lots of fun props and backgrounds that could make Mermaid Adventures fun on dry land as well. I can tell my sea adventures to the kids while using props, and even reveal a birthday present form my treasure chest. At an extra cost a backdrop set can be put on site, which is great for photos!

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