What Parents Want to See and Kids Love: The New Birthday Party Entertainment with Mr. B

by | Apr 5, 2016

He’s the Pied Piper of Los Angeles although he would never claim that title himself, but ask any parent who has witnessed the magic Mr. B., and you’ll begin the see that the flautist from Hamelin got nothin’ on this guy.

Quirky, animated, all-smiles, and always “pro-kids,” Mr. B has a take on music education that EVERY teacher should not only know, but practice. It’s easy to see his energy around children, but the best part about the Mr. B experience is the way in which he speaks to children; he’s respectful–each phrase filled with empowerment, choice, and lots of love and kindness, and he is genuinely and authentically present with each and every one of them.

Franck Bensoussan is the man behind Mr. B, and we reached out to ask him a few questions about how he creates the vibe he’s so known and loved for.

Who is “Mr. B,” and what would you say is your calling regarding the work you do with children?

Mr.B is a music teacher, a business owner, a performer, and a mentor. Through my company, “Inner Source Music Kids”, we offer preschools a program specifically designed to impart knowledge about musical concepts, theories and opportunities for hands-on musical development and also a program that nurtures, enhances and reinforces beneficial social emotional attributes from an early age. I have been working in this field for more than 20 years, and my calling has always been the same: to help children become their best possible selves. Music is a powerful tool for creating the kind of receptive environment that will benefit a child’s inner most personal development.

I’ve seen children around you– even when you walk into a new room with children who have never met you before–they instantly gravitate toward you. You’re like the Pied Piper of Los Angeles. What is your secret?

When it comes to children, the number one rule is: be real, be open, be loving and be yourself. I think that kids in general can sense that I want to connect with them from a pure hearted, equal place and that may be why they feel safe to gravitate towards me so easily.

You teach at over 20 schools, and counting, in the San Fernando Valley, but you also offer children’s party entertainment. Can you explain what services you offer?

We also bring musical magic and interactive fun to your child’s next special event such as a birthday party, a holiday gathering or any other festivities involving groups of kids and fun.

What does a typical musical birthday party experience look like with Mr. B?

A typical birthday party consists of sing-alongs, dancing, creative movement, drum circle, parachute games, puppetry and lots of fun!! I am not just there to perform for the kids but to include them and unite the group in movement, sound and heart.

What is different about the experience that you provide at a child’s party?

I think that what makes our service different is that we not only offer a fun-filled musical birthday experience but the environment we create is also educational, inclusive and rich on a deeper social emotional level.

What are the best venues for a child’s musical party experience?

A family’s home, a park, or a school are some of the best venues for birthday parties–basically, a place that is safe, comfortable and where the environment can help kids focus without distractions.

What should parents consider when hiring you?

*The environment is key. Will the group of children be easily able to focus during our session together or is there so much stimuli that they might feel torn about where to be?
*Is the environment quiet enough that our facilitators can more effectively manage the group?
*Is there enough space for everyone to move, dance and express freely?

What type of preparation goes into planning an experience for a child and his/her friends?

We like to get as much information as possible about the birthday boy or girl In order to best tailor the material to his or her likings and age range. Some things we might ask might be:

*How old is the birthday person turning?
*What is the age range of the group?
*How many kids will be attending?
*Is there a theme to the party?
*Is this an indoor or outdoor event?
*Is there a big enough open space for us to use?
*Are there specific songs or dances that you want us to include?
*Is there electrical power near by?

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