Roles with Unifier Entertainment


As a paparazzi, you are responsible to act like a real paparazzi. You will flash the provided camera which doesn’t actually take photos and make all guests feel like you’re their biggest fan! Your goal is to make the guests feel special — like they are a celebrity. Everything we do and say should be positive and/or witty.
What to wear:
You will wear dress black pants, black socks and black dress shoes. Unifier will provide a hat, suspenders, vest or jacket, a press pass, and a flash camera.
Take several ”shots” of each person.
Move around them while you take “pictures.”
Call them over to you.
If you have paper and pen instead of a camera, ask for an autograph for your great uncle, twice removed, Bob.
Do not break character even when a guest approaches you and asks standard questions, and even if you know the guest personally… this breaks the magic for everyone. Answer them in character.
Things to say:
Right here! 
Over here!
Give us a pose…
That’s the nicest outfit of the evening!
Who are you wearing? Dior, Michael Kors, etc.
Tell us what you’re expecting out of tonight.
Can we get a quote? Tell us why you’re here tonight?
Who is your inspiration?
Our readers want to know who you’re dating? Share with us!
Answers to common questions and comments:
Q:That’s not a real camera, is it?”
A: It IS a real camera! (I mean, it is real… just not taking real pictures.)
Q: Where can I see these pictures?”
A: In our magazine, The Unifier Tribune

Character Actor

As a character actor/model, you are representing Unfiier, and we like making magic.
You are not “just a model.” You are being hired as a character so know your role.
You are always in character once you open a the green room door!
If a guest offers you food or alcohol, you politely decline. Answer them in character.
Moentary tips are allowed but never solicited.
ALWAYS stay in character, even when a guest approaches you and asks you questions (even if you know them)…let’s keep the magic!!!
If a planner, the client, or one of our managers asks you to move to another location in the venue, hand out appetizers or drinks, take a photo with a guest, please do it. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, you will come to a manager if possible first. If it’s not possible, tell the planner or client who is asking you to do something, to talk to one of our managers before anything else is done.
Do not pick up children unless the parent approves. We prefer not to touch guests at all, and you can politely decline by either answer somethign witty in character or simply stating, “liability.”
If you talk to another character actor, you will interact with them as your character.
Always smile unless your character isn’t a smiler.
Adhere to all the Unifier rules found on your email that lists the rules.

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