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Unifier Entertainment specializes in special event entertainment. Using cutting-edge performance acts, creative costumes, and specialty props, we bring our clients’ visions to life. Serving California, specifically San Diego and Los Angeles, and the rest of the world with event entertainment. Directors, performers, welders, electricians, set designers, lighting crews all make up part of our web of integrated friend/company relationships, so the productions we create are built with a collective passion. We have an extensive arsenal of fire tools, stilt and ground costumes, performers, show themes and personal vision. Unifier Entertainment understands how to take a client’s dreams and make them a reality. If it’s specialty acts you seek, we work very closely with the city, county, and/or state inspectors, police, and fire marshals in your area to ensure a safe and entertaining performance. All of our performers are individually insured, and we proudly follow NAFAA regulations for fire performance. We work with clients from all over the globe, helping to bring entertainment (from one-person talent to an entire production) to their event(s). We are so grateful for the creative life we lead, and look forward to our next project, which we hope is yours. Thanks for making Unifier your source of entertainment. Are you ready to create the performance event you’ve always envisioned?

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Owner and Creative Director: Teresa

Professional fire dancer, stilt walker, costume and set designer, choreographer, fire tool maker, and hiring agent, Teresa has been serving San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and the rest of the world since 2005.
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Assistant Creative Director: Tara

Professional physical performer specializing in stilt dance, puppetry, clowning, miming and creature suit work. Tara also works in the Special Effects industry as a project coordinator and prop fabricator. Her extensive background as a performer gives her a unique eye for coordinating creative visions and turning them into a reality!

Our Clients, Venues, and Companies We Have Serviced

We are proud to work with some of the most talented visionaries in the world. We serve corporate clients, hotels, event planners and producers, and high-profile, private parties across the globe, providing the most elegant and unique entertainment.

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