Spooktacular Entertainment

Are you prepared to startle your guests at your Halloween office party, the scare zone you’re creating for the neighborhood, or your blowout monster fest yearly celebration? You can make your event SPOOKTACULAR by hiring gothic ensembles, scare actors, sliders, stilt...

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Biz Bash Los Angeles Entertainment 2018

Biz Bash 2018 was a great sponsorship opportunity for Unifier Entertainment. We brought the Fete-Sponsored After Party Entertainment. Stilt walkers, models, and roller skaters, all in the Summer garden theme. Book your end of the Summer entertainment with us. Dream....

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America’s Next Top Model

Unifier Entertainment's Owner and Performer Teresa T~Rex trained the models how to walk on peg stilts for a challenge on Cycle 21 of America's Next Top Model. Having only 4 hours to make them pro, Teresa and performer friend Foxie Flambe (who brought us in on the...

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Unifier Spotted in Playboy Magazine

We started scouring the latest Playboy Magazine after the 2015 Hugh Heffner Halloween extravaganza at the Playboy Mansion. Unifier had brought over 50 staff and performers, including enough crew to stuff and entire haunted house. Considering this issue is also the...

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