Custom Costuming

Custom Costuming

Who doesn’t want to have their performers sparkle and shine on the company stage, the wedding party dance floor, the poolside aisle? Costumes can entertain sometimes as much as a performer if designed and constructed properly. That being said, we’re ready to take the vision in your mind and make it a reality.

Our costumes are created in-house by either the performers themselves and/or a skilled team of seamstresses, engineers, and performers (Why the performers? Because who better to create a safe and gorgeous creation than the one wearing it!) Feel free to choose from one of our predesigned themes or ask us to custom create one just for your event (prices range).

In construction, we use high quality fabrics that always look rich in style, and adding the perfect touches of trim will finish the look.

What inspires you? Yes, we can create it.

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