Event Production

Event Production

We handle all styles of entertainment– from backyard BBQs to massive corporate and special events. If your event is on the larger scale, rest assured you will be guided through the process with ease and security.

Having produced many fire shows in our early years, we learned the process for creating the most efficient and well groomed shows imaginable. Our “concept to completion” template works incredibly well, and we pride ourselves in the following: forecasting the amount of time it will take to script, design, and conceptualize a vision; predicting the budget; developing the music; gathering and rehearsing the talent; etc. Even though we have a pretty awesome formula, we’re extremely flexible and open to changes that may, and often do, happen in show production.

We work closely with the client, set designers, lighting and sound crew, safety teams, et al. to bring the best performance production available. How big can you dream?

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